Delivering Quality Service and Products Since 1976

Aikins Distribution's humble begininngs started in the 1970s in Arizona with a milkman in one truck who went door to door and delivered local dairy products to houses.

Over 50 years later, we have grown into a distribution company that distributes and delivers products from five dairies to locations throughout Maricopa County. Through the support of our customers, we've evolved into a distribution company that can also provide other consumable products like ice creams and juices.

At Aikins Distribution, we want to provide not only great products but foster a positive and impactful relationship with our customers and the community. We provide our products to individuals, as well as organizations like schools, prisons, stores, hospitals, gas stations, and more.

When you want to sell or serve local dairy products, you can contact our distributors based in Phoenix, AZ and we will coordinate into providing and delivering quality products and services to you.